Cornwall RFU face Cheshire in the final of the Bill Beaumont Cup this Sunday at Twickenham Stadium. We caught up with some of the team at training to find out a bit more about the player’s thoughts ahead of the game, their pre-match rituals – and of course, their favourite way to enjoy a pint of Tribute.

Ben Hilton, Captain:

🏈 Pre match ritual: “I take my time, stay relaxed, keep calm. I’m very particular and do everything on my left side first. ”

🏈 As Captain, how do you feel your role differs going into the final?

I’ve got to keep everyone calm, making sure the guys don’t peak too early with any nervous energy. And most importantly, I want to make sure that they remember to enjoy the moment.

🍺 Favourite food to enjoy with Tribute: Oooh, a pasty!

Matt Shepherd, Full Back:

🏈 Pre match ritual: “I do everything on my left side first. From putting on my socks, boots and stretching, everything starts on the left. I’m not sure why I do it, but it seems to have worked with this campaign so far…..”

🍺 Favourite food to enjoy with Tribute: Fish and Chips down at Rashleigh Arms Charlestown.

Taron Peacock, Scrum Half:

🏈 Pre-match ritual: “Just sitting down, taking down the atmosphere. I don’t really tend to have one, just in case I don’t follow through with it and something  goes on and then I’m blaming that. So I just tend to sit there and take it all in. ”

🍺 Favourite food to enjoy with Tribute: ” A nice packet of Crisps, hand-cut crisps.”

Why do you think you’ve had such a great season?

“As a group of players, we’re all on the same wavelength, there’s no egos – we’re just a good club men, who are all here for one reason; to win the championship.”

Graham Dawe, Head Coach:

🏈 What are your top pieces of advice for the team going into the final? 

🏈 Don’t let the moment go by, enjoy it.  Play with some X-factor and take some risks. Play as a team as soon as we get on the field.