Jack Stein's Top Turkey Tips for Christmas

Cooking Christmas dinner this year, and want to get everything just right? Don’t worry – our ambassador and top chef, Jack Stein, has got you covered.

Jack has partnered with Tribute ale on a collection of tips for Christmas turkey – a great flavour match for Tribute Pale Ale (4.2% abv).

1. Buy the best quality you can afford, a great free range turkey like Copas will make all the difference to taste and texture.


2. Brine the turkey. Make a brine which is 10% salt to 90% water enough to submerge the bird. Brine for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight. Then wash and pat dry.


3. Buy a digital thermometer, this enables you to test the temperature of the meat and take the bird out when it is perfect rather than relying on generic cooking times.


4. Use the giblets. These should come with the bird. Roast them with some carrot, onion and thyme and then use these as the base of your gravy with water or stock.


5. Rub the bird with butter and season really well on the outside and in. Cook in a high heat around 220 for 30 minutes to colour the bird well. Then reduce to 160 and cook until the meat thermometer reads 68 degrees in the thickest part of the bird.


6. Plate up your turkey with all the trimmings and serve with Tribute, a light, hoppy and zesty pale ale with refreshing orange and grapefruit flavours – the flavours work harmoniously