Quality speaks for itself

A pint of the exceptional. Discover how we strive to make our light bodied premium ale a cut above the rest.



It’s true we only use finely sourced ingredients from around the world, but they’re also processed in a sympathetic and respectful way. It’s this respect that makes it better.


With a fine heritage comes a confidence that can only be imitated by our rivals. We can boldly say that we go further at every stage of our brewing process, so it’s natural that our confidence shines through. It means our customers can depend on us not to let them down.


We focus on the minute details of every moment. If something can be described in greater detail, we make sure it is. If we can find better, we will go to any lengths to source it. It’s our passion that gets us up in the morning. And it’s our dedication that brings home the awards.


We’re proud of who we are but we also want to be better and create even more rewarding experiences for our customers. When you enjoy a pint of Tribute, you enjoy a moment of desire and escapism. It’s these experiences that add glitter to the gold.


We’ve been brewing in St Austell for 150 years and we’re still family-run and independent to this day. So we know who Roger and John are. And we’ve definitely had a pint with them. Experience like this only makes us better at what we do.


Our consumers value their free time and can’t risk an inferior pint. We’re a good, solid ale, liked by young and old. From our past successes to our future desires, we’re reliable in an understated way – and our customers feel rewarded knowing they’re in good company.