Seven star standard

Tribute is an ale that focuses on the detail of the details, and it’s this exacting nature that has resulted in one of the finest products ever brewed.

At the pub

Let Tribute show you how pubs cellars are managed to deliver a great quality pint in the glass.

Keep it cool

Temperature of the cellar is checked every day and kept between 11 and 13 degrees C.

Keep it clean

Beer lines, taps, rods and keg connectors are cleaned weekly to ensure Tribute flows through the system in perfect condition.

Do not disturb

Stillage (positioning the barrel in the place that it will be drawn) is done at least 24 hours before serving, to avoid hazy Tribute in your glass.

Check Tribute before serving

Is it bright, clear and sparkly? Ready to serve the great tasting cask ale that speaks for itself!

The Perfect Pint of Tribute – it’s more than just the taste.

Do you like being rewarded by a pint that won’t let you down? That’s why we’ve introduced the Seven Star Standard – seven ways to judge just how good your pint of Tribute is.


Check for clarity - is your pint clear?


Is it served in a clean glass?


Is it served in a CE marked glass with no more than around 1cm of foamy head?


Should be one or more of citrus, biscuit and malt. Sourness or butterscotch are not acceptable.


Tribute should be served at cellar temperature (between 11-13c).


Tribute has a unique flavour, but if it tastes sour, sulphurous, metallic or butterscotchy, please let us know.


The final standard might well be the most important: before you buy it, don't be afraid to try it.